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The mission of the Harlan Fire Department is to save and protect the lives and property of the citizens of the City of Harlan by providing progressive fire prevention, fire suppression, and expanding rescue services. 

Fire prevention is the first priority of this fire department.  Public education programs are presented to preschool through high school age children, senior citizen groups and other interested adult organizations, as well as to local businesses.  Fire prevention is also accomplished through building inspections.  The fire department inspects commercial buildings on an annual basis, in conjunction with the State Fire Marshal’s office, and one and two family dwellings upon change of occupants.  It is the goal of the fire department to develop a comprehensive inspection program for all occupancies within the city.

Fire suppression is accomplished with trained and certified firefighters, volunteer and career, and with apparatus and equipment furnished by the City of Harlan.  Training of personnel occurs within the department through certified fire service instructors and at regional fire schools.  All training records are maintained and periodically reviewed by the department to ensure that training requirements are being met. Apparatus are regularly inspected and serviced, and are ready for use in the event of an emergency.  All apparatus are equipped with the hand and power tools necessary to perform fire suppression in as rapid and safe manner as possible.   

Rescue services include vehicle extrication, rope rescue, and water rescue.  While not classified as a rescue squad, the fire department believes in training and equipping to meet as many needs as possible to provide the best service to its community.

The Harlan Fire Department believes in progressive training and state of the art fire equipment to meet the needs of the City of Harlan and neighboring communities.  The Harlan Fire Department stands ready to serve.

Harlan Fire Department, 114 Main Street, Harlan, KY 40831
Phone: (606) 573-4130 Fax: 573-1690 E-mail: